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Bob Dylan, Kraftwerk, Beastie Boys ... six musical documentaries not to be missed


Concerts, stories of a legendary group or tour, immersed in the functioning of a place or a festival… We offer a selection of documentaries on music, from jazz to electro, from rock to l 'opera.To be seen on television channels, specialized or general, broadcasting platforms, dedicated sites.

"Tribute to John Coltrane", by Archie Shepp All Star

Archie Shepp, tenor sax, played with Coltrane and for Coltrane (Ascension, 1965).His "Tribute to John Coltrane", during the Jazz à la Villette festival, September 4, 2016, is nothing short of publicity.Even on Mezzo where "jazz", a question of means, does not necessarily appear in its best light (understatement ...), Archie Shepp (born in 1937) remains a formidable animal of image.

Very classy, dressed to the nines for the sake of the public, impavid, looks as affectionate as attentive to his partners, the great Archie surrounds himself with a rhythm of luxury (Jason Moran on the piano, Richard Davis on the double bass, Billy Hart on drums) and leads a legion of young loyal lions.It's amazing.Amazing when he plays, when he punctuates with a flare… Amazing when he sings Prelude To The Kiss… Amazing when singing, straight to the heart , Marion Rampal (Blasé)… It is possible, even desirable that you get some “jazz” (this old thing) some idea.Go for it on Mezzo.It's not every night that you have the opportunity to be flabbergasted in jazz on television.Francis Marmande

"Tribute to John Coltrane", by Archie Shepp All Star, 50 mins, on Mezzo, several broadcasts from May 19 at 12:05 June 18 at 9:10 p.m., including May 21 (12:30 a.m.), June 27 May (5:25 a.m.) and June 3 (12:50 a.m.).

Posted Date: 2020-07-14

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